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Best Character Name List with Means

  1. Abigail Stone (Meaning: Father's Joy; Era: Modern)

  2. Alexander Knight (Meaning: Defender of Mankind; Era: Medieval)

  3. Amelia Brooks (Meaning: Industrious; Era: Victorian)

  4. Arthur Hughes (Meaning: Bear; Era: Arthurian)

  5. Ava Montgomery (Meaning: Life; Era: Contemporary)

  6. Benjamin Reed (Meaning: Son of the Right Hand; Era: Renaissance)

  7. Charlotte Parker (Meaning: Free; Era: Regency)

  8. Christopher Blackwood (Meaning: Christ-Bearer; Era: Victorian)

  9. Clara Bennett (Meaning: Bright; Era: Edwardian)

  10. Daniel Sullivan (Meaning: God is My Judge; Era: Contemporary)

  11. David Hayes (Meaning: Beloved; Era: Modern)

  12. Edward Morgan (Meaning: Wealthy Guardian; Era: Victorian)

  13. Elizabeth Brooks (Meaning: God is My Oath; Era: Georgian)

  14. Ella Roberts (Meaning: Beautiful Fairy Woman; Era: Roaring Twenties)

  15. Ethan Campbell (Meaning: Strong; Era: Contemporary)

  16. Evelyn Collins (Meaning: Desired; Era: Victorian)

  17. Frederick Adams (Meaning: Peaceful Ruler; Era: Edwardian)

  18. Grace Thompson (Meaning: Charm; Era: Regency)

  19. Henry Cooper (Meaning: Ruler of the Home; Era: Modern)

  20. Isabella Jenkins (Meaning: Devoted to God; Era: Renaissance)

  21. James Morgan (Meaning: Supplanter; Era: Victorian)

  22. Josephine Mitchell (Meaning: God Will Increase; Era: Georgian)

  23. Julian Thompson (Meaning: Youthful; Era: Contemporary)

  24. Lillian Davis (Meaning: Lily; Era: Modern)

  25. Louis Sullivan (Meaning: Famous Warrior; Era: Edwardian)

  26. Lucas Hughes (Meaning: Light; Era: Victorian)

  27. Madeline Parker (Meaning: High Tower; Era: Regency)

  28. Matthew Bennett (Meaning: Gift of God; Era: Contemporary)

  29. Michael Gray (Meaning: Who is Like God?; Era: Modern)

  30. Natalie Campbell (Meaning: Christmas Day; Era: Victorian)

  31. Nathan Adams (Meaning: Gift from God; Era: Edwardian)

  32. Olivia Roberts (Meaning: Olive Tree; Era: Contemporary)

  33. Owen Collins (Meaning: Well-Born; Era: Victorian)

  34. Penelope Smith (Meaning: Weaver; Era: Georgian)

  35. Robert Hayes (Meaning: Bright Fame; Era: Modern)

  36. Samuel Cooper (Meaning: God has Heard; Era: Edwardian)

  37. Sophia Morgan (Meaning: Wisdom; Era: Victorian)

  38. Thomas Mitchell (Meaning: Twin; Era: Georgian)

  39. Victoria Thompson (Meaning: Victory; Era: Contemporary)

  40. William Davis (Meaning: Resolute Protector; Era: Modern)

  41. Abraham Fletcher (Meaning: Father of Many; Era: Biblical)

  42. Adeline Harper (Meaning: Noble; Era: Victorian)

  43. Albert Sullivan (Meaning: Noble and Bright; Era: Edwardian)

  44. Alice Turner (Meaning: Noble; Era: Victorian)

  45. Andrew Carter (Meaning: Manly; Era: Contemporary)

  46. Anna Parker (Meaning: Grace; Era: Regency)

  47. Anthony Phillips (Meaning: Priceless; Era: Modern)

  48. Audrey Davis (Meaning: Noble Strength; Era: Modern)

  49. Beatrice Hughes (Meaning: Bringer of Joy; Era: Victorian)

  50. Charles Adams (Meaning: Free Man; Era: Edwardian)

  51. Clara Brown (Meaning: Clear, Bright; Era: Victorian)

  52. Daniel Turner (Meaning: God is My Judge; Era: Georgian)

  53. David Scott (Meaning: Beloved; Era: Modern)

  54. Eleanor Brooks (Meaning: Light; Era: Victorian)

  55. Emma Collins (Meaning: Whole, Universal; Era: Contemporary)

  56. Francis Wilson (Meaning: Free; Era: Edwardian)

  57. George Mitchell (Meaning: Farmer; Era: Georgian)

  58. Hannah Thompson (Meaning: Grace; Era: Regency)

  59. Henry Sullivan (Meaning: Ruler of the Home; Era: Victorian)

  60. Isabella Foster (Meaning: Devoted to God; Era: Modern)

  61. Jack Parker (Meaning: God is Gracious; Era: Contemporary)

  62. James Gray (Meaning: Supplanter; Era: Modern)

  63. John Campbell (Meaning: God is Gracious; Era: Victorian)

  64. Joseph Adams (Meaning: God Will Increase; Era: Edwardian)

  65. Jane Roberts (Meaning: God is Gracious; Era: Contemporary)

  66. Julia Collins (Meaning: Youthful; Era: Victorian)

  67. Leo Morgan (Meaning: Lion; Era: Victorian)

  68. Lillian Turner (Meaning: Lily; Era: Georgian)

  69. Lucas Hayes (Meaning: Light; Era: Modern)

  70. Madeline Sullivan (Meaning: High Tower; Era: Edwardian)

  71. Matthew Reed (Meaning: Gift of God; Era: Victorian)

  72. Michael Cooper (Meaning: Who is Like God?; Era: Georgian)

  73. Nora Thompson (Meaning: Honor; Era: Contemporary)

  74. Nicholas Davis (Meaning: Victory of the People; Era: Modern)

  75. Oliver Hughes (Meaning: Olive Tree; Era: Victorian)

  76. Oscar Parker (Meaning: God's Spear; Era: Regency)

  77. Philip Brooks (Meaning: Lover of Horses; Era: Victorian)

  78. Rebecca Mitchell (Meaning: Captivating; Era: Georgian)

  79. Richard Thompson (Meaning: Powerful Leader; Era: Contemporary)

  80. Samuel Adams (Meaning: God has Heard; Era: Edwardian)

  81. Sophia Reed (Meaning: Wisdom; Era: Victorian)

  82. Thomas Gray (Meaning: Twin; Era: Modern)

  83. Victoria Campbell (Meaning: Victory; Era: Edwardian)

  84. William Sullivan (Meaning: Resolute Protector; Era: Victorian)

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