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Catchy Character Name List with Means

  1. Aurora Sinclair (Meaning: Dawn; Era: Modern)

  2. Lucius Blackwood (Meaning: Light; Era: Victorian)

  3. Amara Knightley (Meaning: Eternal; Era: Renaissance)

  4. Maximus Steelheart (Meaning: Greatest; Era: Medieval)

  5. Evelyn Ravenwood (Meaning: Desired; Era: Modern)

  6. Atticus Hawthorne (Meaning: Wise; Era: Victorian)

  7. Valentina Moonstone (Meaning: Strong; Era: Renaissance)

  8. Augustus Stormwind (Meaning: Great; Era: Medieval)

  9. Luna Sterling (Meaning: Moon; Era: Modern)

  10. Adrian Kingsley (Meaning: Dark; Era: Victorian)

  11. Vivienne Everhart (Meaning: Alive; Era: Renaissance)

  12. Gideon Ironwood (Meaning: Powerful; Era: Medieval)

  13. Nova Whitaker (Meaning: New; Era: Modern)

  14. Sebastian Ravenscroft (Meaning: Venerable; Era: Victorian)

  15. Seraphina Ashford (Meaning: Fiery; Era: Renaissance)

  16. Leonidas Hawkwood (Meaning: Lion; Era: Medieval)

  17. Harmony Blake (Meaning: Unity; Era: Modern)

  18. Thaddeus Sinclair (Meaning: Courageous; Era: Victorian)

  19. Isabella Nightshade (Meaning: Devoted; Era: Renaissance)

  20. Rowan Wolfram (Meaning: Red; Era: Medieval)

  21. Ember Winterbourne (Meaning: Burning; Era: Modern)

  22. Jeremiah Blackthorn (Meaning: Exalted; Era: Victorian)

  23. Delilah Rosendale (Meaning: Delicate; Era: Renaissance)

  24. Malachi Ironsides (Meaning: Messenger; Era: Medieval)

  25. Aria Kingsley (Meaning: Melody; Era: Modern)

  26. Casper Hawthorne (Meaning: Treasurer; Era: Victorian)

  27. Serena Foxglove (Meaning: Tranquil; Era: Renaissance)

  28. Emmanuel Ravenshaw (Meaning: God is with us; Era: Medieval)

  29. Scarlett Nightingale (Meaning: Red; Era: Modern)

  30. Thalia Ashbourne (Meaning: Joyful; Era: Victorian)

  31. Octavia Stonehart (Meaning: Eighth; Era: Renaissance)

  32. Draven Hawkstone (Meaning: Hunter; Era: Medieval)

  33. Lorelei Blakemore (Meaning: Alluring; Era: Modern)

  34. Raphael Thornfield (Meaning: God heals; Era: Victorian)

  35. Astrid Evergreen (Meaning: Divine strength; Era: Renaissance)

  36. Gregory Ironheart (Meaning: Watchful; Era: Medieval)

  37. Avalon Whitewood (Meaning: Island of apples; Era: Modern)

  38. Elara Kingsford (Meaning: Shining; Era: Victorian)

  39. Celeste Moonshadow (Meaning: Heavenly; Era: Renaissance)

  40. Tristan Ravenscar (Meaning: Tumult; Era: Medieval)

  41. Elysia Ravenwood (Meaning: Blissful; Era: Modern)

  42. Cassius Blackbourne (Meaning: Empty; Era: Victorian)

  43. Aurora Moonstone (Meaning: Dawn; Era: Renaissance)

  44. Maximus Stormbourne (Meaning: Greatest; Era: Medieval)

  45. Evanna Sterling (Meaning: Young warrior; Era: Modern)

  46. Atticus Ironwood (Meaning: Wise; Era: Victorian)

  47. Valentina Ashford (Meaning: Strong; Era: Renaissance)

  48. Augustus Nightshade (Meaning: Great; Era: Medieval)

  49. Luna Wolfsbane (Meaning: Moon; Era: Modern)

  50. Adrian Kingsford (Meaning: Dark; Era: Victorian)

  51. Vivienne Ravenshaw (Meaning: Alive; Era: Renaissance)

  52. Gideon Ironsides (Meaning: Powerful; Era: Medieval)

  53. Nova Blackwood (Meaning: New; Era: Modern)

  54. Sebastian Foxglove (Meaning: Venerable; Era: Victorian)

  55. Seraphina Ashbourne (Meaning: Fiery; Era: Renaissance)

  56. Leonidas Hawkstone (Meaning: Lion; Era: Medieval)

  57. Harmony Nightingale (Meaning: Unity; Era: Modern)

  58. Thaddeus Blackthorn (Meaning: Courageous; Era: Victorian)

  59. Isabella Everhart (Meaning: Devoted; Era: Renaissance)

  60. Rowan Ironwood (Meaning: Red; Era: Medieval)

  61. Ember Ashford (Meaning: Burning; Era: Modern)

  62. Jeremiah Sterling (Meaning: Exalted; Era: Victorian)

  63. Delilah Blackwood (Meaning: Delicate; Era: Renaissance)

  64. Malachi Nightshade (Meaning: Messenger; Era: Medieval)

  65. Aria Moonstone (Meaning: Melody; Era: Modern)

  66. Casper Ravenshaw (Meaning: Treasurer; Era: Victorian)

  67. Serena Ashbourne (Meaning: Tranquil; Era: Renaissance)

  68. Emmanuel Ironsides (Meaning: God is with us; Era: Medieval)

  69. Scarlett Nightshade (Meaning: Red; Era: Modern)

  70. Thalia Ashford (Meaning: Joyful; Era: Victorian)

  71. Octavia Ravenscroft (Meaning: Eighth; Era: Renaissance)

  72. Draven Ironwood (Meaning: Hunter; Era: Medieval)

  73. Lorelei Foxglove (Meaning: Alluring; Era: Modern)

  74. Raphael Ashbourne (Meaning: God heals; Era: Victorian)

  75. Astrid Ironheart (Meaning: Divine strength; Era: Renaissance)

  76. Gregory Hawkwood (Meaning: Watchful; Era: Medieval)

  77. Avalon Sterling (Meaning: Island of apples; Era: Modern)

  78. Elara Nightingale (Meaning: Shining; Era: Victorian)

  79. Celeste Ashford (Meaning: Heavenly; Era: Renaissance)

  80. Tristan Ironsides (Meaning: Tumult; Era: Medieval)

  81. Elysia Foxglove (Meaning: Blissful; Era: Modern)

  82. Cassius Blackthorn (Meaning: Empty; Era: Victorian)

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