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Character First Name List with Means

  1. Aria - Meaning: Melody or air. Origin: Italian. Era: Modern

  2. Kai - Meaning: Ocean or sea. Origin: Hawaiian. Era: Contemporary

  3. Eleanor - Meaning: Bright, shining one. Origin: English. Era: Medieval

  4. Rohan - Meaning: Ascending, growing. Origin: Sanskrit. Era: Ancient

  5. Leila - Meaning: Night. Origin: Arabic. Era: Classical

  6. Milo - Meaning: Soldier or merciful. Origin: Germanic. Era: Middle Ages

  7. Nina - Meaning: Grace. Origin: Russian. Era: 19th Century

  8. Zara - Meaning: Princess or flower. Origin: Arabic. Era: Modern

  9. Emre - Meaning: Friend. Origin: Turkish. Era: Contemporary

  10. Isolde - Meaning: Ice ruler. Origin: Germanic. Era: Medieval

  11. Dante - Meaning: Enduring or steadfast. Origin: Italian. Era: Renaissance

  12. Lila - Meaning: Lilac or purple. Origin: Persian. Era: 20th Century

  13. Aarav - Meaning: Peaceful. Origin: Sanskrit. Era: Ancient

  14. Freya - Meaning: Lady or noblewoman. Origin: Norse. Era: Viking Age

  15. Adrian - Meaning: From the Adriatic Sea. Origin: Latin. Era: Classical

  16. Eva - Meaning: Life. Origin: Hebrew. Era: Biblical

  17. Zenon - Meaning: Gift of Zeus. Origin: Greek. Era: Ancient

  18. Luna - Meaning: Moon. Origin: Latin. Era: Medieval

  19. Nikolai - Meaning: Victory of the people. Origin: Russian. Era: 19th Century

  20. Amara - Meaning: Eternal or immortal. Origin: Igbo. Era: Contemporary

  21. Leif - Meaning: Heir or descendant. Origin: Norse. Era: Viking Age

  22. Cleo - Meaning: Glory or fame. Origin: Greek. Era: Ancient

  23. Kaya - Meaning: Wealthy or pure. Origin: Turkish. Era: Modern

  24. MiloŇ° - Meaning: Loving or gracious. Origin: Slavic. Era: Medieval

  25. Zara - Meaning: Blossom or flower. Origin: Hebrew. Era: Biblical

  26. Arya - Meaning: Noble or air. Origin: Sanskrit. Era: Ancient

  27. Maeve - Meaning: Intoxicating. Origin: Irish. Era: Medieval

  28. Elio - Meaning: Sun. Origin: Italian. Era: Renaissance

  29. Idris - Meaning: Interpreter or studious. Origin: Arabic. Era: Classical

  30. Sophia - Meaning: Wisdom. Origin: Greek. Era: Ancient

  31. Kai - Meaning: Sea. Origin: Maori. Era: Contemporary

  32. Mira - Meaning: Admirable or peace. Origin: Slavic. Era: 18th Century

  33. Liam - Meaning: Strong-willed warrior. Origin: Irish. Era: Modern

  34. Yara - Meaning: Small butterfly. Origin: Arabic. Era: Contemporary

  35. Elowen - Meaning: Elm tree. Origin: Cornish. Era: Middle Ages

  36. Orion - Meaning: Hunter or boundary. Origin: Greek. Era: Ancient

  37. Elin - Meaning: Torch or bright. Origin: Welsh. Era: Medieval

  38. Selene - Meaning: Moon goddess. Origin: Greek. Era: Classical

  39. Emmett - Meaning: Universal or truth. Origin: English. Era: Victorian Era

  40. Leona - Meaning: Lioness. Origin: Latin. Era: Renaissance

  41. Kiran - Meaning: Ray of light. Origin: Sanskrit. Era: Ancient

  42. Linnea - Meaning: Twinflower. Origin: Swedish. Era: 19th Century

  43. Cyrus - Meaning: Sun or throne. Origin: Persian. Era: Ancient

  44. Maya - Meaning: Illusion or water. Origin: Sanskrit. Era: Classical

  45. Alaric - Meaning: Ruler of all. Origin: Germanic. Era: Middle Ages

  46. Nalani - Meaning: Calm skies. Origin: Hawaiian. Era: Modern

  47. Frida - Meaning: Peace. Origin: Germanic. Era: Medieval

  48. Eamon - Meaning: Protector or wealthy guardian. Origin: Irish. Era: Renaissance

  49. Liora - Meaning: Light for me. Origin: Hebrew. Era: 20th Century

  50. Matthias - Meaning: Gift of God. Origin: Greek. Era: Ancient

  51. Eowyn - Meaning: Horse joy. Origin: Old English. Era: Medieval

  52. Alejandro - Meaning: Defender of mankind. Origin: Spanish. Era: Renaissance

  53. Nina - Meaning: Strong, powerful. Origin: Native American. Era: Ancient

  54. Zain - Meaning: Grace or beauty. Origin: Arabic. Era: Modern

  55. Saige - Meaning: Wise. Origin: English. Era: Contemporary

  56. Callum - Meaning: Dove. Origin: Scottish. Era: Victorian Era

  57. Neve - Meaning: Snow. Origin: Latin. Era: Medieval

  58. Kieran - Meaning: Dark-haired. Origin: Irish. Era: Middle Ages

  59. Lyra - Meaning: Lyre, musical instrument. Origin: Greek. Era: Ancient

  60. Misha - Meaning: Gift of God. Origin: Russian. Era: 20th Century

  61. Emrys - Meaning: Immortal. Origin: Welsh. Era: Medieval

  62. Valentina - Meaning: Strong, vigorous. Origin: Latin. Era: Renaissance

  63. Naveen - Meaning: New. Origin: Sanskrit. Era: Ancient

  64. Cassia - Meaning: Cinnamon. Origin: Greek. Era: Classical

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