Cute Character Names

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Cute Character Name List with Means

  1. Blossom (Meaning: Fresh and vibrant; Era: Modern)

  2. Pippin (Meaning: Small and adorable; Era: Renaissance)

  3. Cupcake (Meaning: Sweet and delightful; Era: Contemporary)

  4. Peanut (Meaning: Tiny and precious; Era: 1950s)

  5. Sprout (Meaning: Young and full of life; Era: Modern)

  6. Sunbeam (Meaning: Radiant and cheerful; Era: 1970s)

  7. Buddy (Meaning: Loyal and friendly; Era: 1920s)

  8. Daisy (Meaning: Innocent and pure; Era: Victorian)

  9. Pudding (Meaning: Playful and cuddly; Era: Contemporary)

  10. Honey (Meaning: Sweet and affectionate; Era: 1960s)

  11. Snoopy (Meaning: Mischievous and lovable; Era: 1950s)

  12. Nibbles (Meaning: Small and nibbling; Era: Modern)

  13. Lulu (Meaning: Lively and cute; Era: 1920s)

  14. Sunflower (Meaning: Bright and sunny; Era: Contemporary)

  15. Coco (Meaning: Charming and stylish; Era: 1980s)

  16. Pumpkin (Meaning: Adorable and round; Era: Modern)

  17. Chip (Meaning: Small and energetic; Era: 1990s)

  18. Bambi (Meaning: Graceful and innocent; Era: 1940s)

  19. Petal (Meaning: Delicate and lovely; Era: Modern)

  20. Sunny (Meaning: Cheerful and bright; Era: 1970s)

  21. Peanut Butter (Meaning: Smooth and delightful; Era: Contemporary)

  22. Sugar (Meaning: Sweet and affectionate; Era: 1950s)

  23. Sweetie (Meaning: Cute and endearing; Era: Modern)

  24. Pickle (Meaning: Playful and tangy; Era: 2000s)

  25. Muffin (Meaning: Soft and comforting; Era: Contemporary)

  26. Bubbles (Meaning: Effervescent and lively; Era: 1980s)

  27. Scooter (Meaning: Energetic and fun; Era: Modern)

  28. Jellybean (Meaning: Small and colorful; Era: 1950s)

  29. Poppy (Meaning: Bright and cheerful; Era: Contemporary)

  30. Cinnamon (Meaning: Warm and comforting; Era: 1960s)

  31. Sprinkle (Meaning: Playful and delightful; Era: Modern)

  32. Doodle (Meaning: Creative and whimsical; Era: 1990s)

  33. Cherry (Meaning: Juicy and sweet; Era: Contemporary)

  34. Pixie (Meaning: Mischievous and enchanting; Era: Modern)

  35. Honeybee (Meaning: Busy and industrious; Era: 1970s)

  36. Sweetpea (Meaning: Charming and delicate; Era: Modern)

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