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Fantasy Character Name List with Means

  1. Aurelia - Meaning "golden" in Latin. Era: Medieval.

  2. Thorn - Symbolizes strength and protection. Era: Dark Ages.

  3. Draven - Derived from "raven" and signifies intelligence. Era: Renaissance.

  4. Lysander - Greek name meaning "liberator." Era: Ancient Greece.

  5. Ariadne - Derived from Greek mythology, Ariadne means "most holy." Era: Classical.

  6. Elara - Represents beauty and grace. Era: Medieval.

  7. Cyrus - Persian name meaning "sun." Era: Ancient Persia.

  8. Evelina - Derived from Latin, Evelina means "life" or "breath." Era: Renaissance.

  9. Valerius - Latin name signifying strength and valor. Era: Roman Empire.

  10. Elowen - Cornish name meaning "elm." Era: Medieval.

  11. Thaddeus - Greek name meaning "courageous heart." Era: Classical.

  12. Isolde - Derived from Celtic mythology, Isolde means "beautiful." Era: Dark Ages.

  13. Lucian - Derived from Latin, Lucian means "light." Era: Renaissance.

  14. Seraphina - Hebrew name representing the highest order of angels. Era: Medieval.

  15. Dorian - Greek name meaning "gift." Era: Classical.

  16. Rhiannon - Welsh name symbolizing a mythical queen. Era: Dark Ages.

  17. Leander - Derived from Greek mythology, Leander means "lion of a man." Era: Classical.

  18. Solara - Inspired by the sun, representing warmth and energy. Era: Renaissance.

  19. Hadrian - Roman name meaning "dark-haired." Era: Roman Empire.

  20. Gwendolyn - Welsh name meaning "white ring." Era: Medieval.

  21. Alaric - Gothic name symbolizing "ruler of all." Era: Dark Ages.

  22. Elysia - Derived from Greek mythology, Elysia represents a blissful place. Era: Classical.

  23. Artemis - Greek goddess of the hunt and wilderness. Era: Ancient Greece.

  24. Evander - Derived from Greek mythology, Evander means "good man." Era: Classical.

  25. Seraphine - French variation of Seraphina, representing heavenly beings. Era: Renaissance.

  26. Isidore - Greek name meaning "gift of Isis." Era: Classical.

  27. Aurelius - Derived from Latin, Aurelius means "golden one." Era: Roman Empire.

  28. Morgana - Derived from Arthurian legends, Morgana represents a powerful enchantress. Era: Medieval.

  29. Theron - Greek name meaning "hunter." Era: Classical.

  30. Rowena - Derived from Welsh mythology, Rowena means "fame" or "joy." Era: Dark Ages.

  31. Cassius - Roman family name meaning "empty" or "vain." Era: Roman Empire.

  32. Elowyn - Variation of Elowen, symbolizing the elm tree. Era: Renaissance.

  33. Evangeline - Greek name meaning "bearer of good news." Era: Medieval.

  34. Astraea - Derived from Greek mythology, Astraea represents the goddess of justice. Era: Classical.

  35. Emrys - Welsh name meaning "immortal." Era: Dark Ages.

  36. Lysandra - Feminine form of Lysander, signifying a liberator. Era: Classical.

  37. Celestia - Inspired by the stars, representing heavenly qualities. Era: Renaissance.

  38. Darius - Persian name meaning "possessing goodness." Era: Ancient Persia.

  39. Guinevere - Derived from Arthurian legends, Guinevere is the queen of King Arthur. Era: Medieval.

  40. Leonidas - Greek name meaning "lion's son." Era: Classical.

  41. Arabella - Derived from Latin, Arabella means "yielding to prayer." Era: Renaissance.

  42. Lucius - Derived from Latin, Lucius means "light." Era: Roman Empire.

  43. Sabrina - Derived from Celtic mythology, Sabrina represents a river nymph. Era: Medieval.

  44. Aurelian - Variation of Aurelius, symbolizing the golden one. Era: Renaissance.

  45. Amaris - Derived from Hebrew, Amaris means "given by God." Era: Medieval.

  46. Raphael - Hebrew name meaning "God heals." Era: Classical.

  47. Freya - Derived from Norse mythology, Freya signifies love and fertility. Era: Dark Ages.

  48. Orion - Inspired by Greek mythology, Orion is a hunter constellation. Era: Classical.

  49. Ginevra - Italian variation of Guinevere, representing Arthurian legend. Era: Renaissance.

  50. Valerian - Derived from Latin, Valerian means "strong" or "healthy." Era: Roman Empire.

  51. Elysium - Inspired by Greek mythology, Elysium represents a place of eternal happiness. Era: Classical.

  52. Eowyn - Derived from J.R.R. Tolkien's works, Eowyn is a brave shieldmaiden. Era: Medieval.

  53. Gideon - Hebrew name meaning "destroyer" or "mighty warrior." Era: Classical.

  54. Sylvana - Derived from Latin, Sylvana means "of the forest." Era: Renaissance.

  55. Lilith - Derived from Jewish mythology, Lilith represents a night demon. Era: Medieval.

  56. Maximus - Derived from Latin, Maximus means "greatest." Era: Roman Empire.

  57. Rosalind - Derived from Germanic elements, Rosalind means "gentle horse." Era: Medieval.

  58. Aurelias - Latin variation of Aurelius, symbolizing golden qualities. Era: Renaissance.

  59. Caspian - Inspired by C.S. Lewis' Narnia series, Caspian represents a courageous prince. Era: Classical.

  60. Lorelei - Derived from Germanic mythology, Lorelei signifies a mermaid or water spirit. Era: Dark Ages.

  61. Perseus - Inspired by Greek mythology, Perseus is a legendary hero. Era: Classical.

  62. Emmeline - Derived from Germanic elements, Emmeline means "work" or "universal." Era: Renaissance.

  63. Serena - Derived from Latin, Serena means "calm" or "peaceful." Era: Medieval.

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